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Why Companies Pay To Work With Bloggers

Companies pay to work with bloggers for one simple reason – to make more money!
Michelle Phan, Aimee Song, Susie Bubble – these women are just some of the well known fashion and beauty bloggers, or what we like to call, digital influencers, who have amassed an audience that brands, like Dr. Pepper, Michael Kors, and Hermes, have paid to gain exposure and leverage.
But how does paying these bloggers make companies more money?
Simple – they partner with bloggers whose audience will most likely want to buy their products. Therefore, the blogger’s look and fans must be match their own brand’s look and customer demographic. Note that working with bloggers doesn’t guarantee your business more sales (no marketing campaign does). But if you did your research, partner with the right blogger and use an effective campaign, the sales results should be there! It’s exactly what brands like Cover Girl and Nike do when they partner with Hollywood actors or professional athletes for endorsements.
But now you’re probably thinking, “are bloggers really that relevant? I understand film actors and athletes, but bloggers?” Maybe these statistics will help you understand:

* Susie Bubble has an audience of over 470k just on social media alone.
* Aimee Song has an audience of over 1.8 M just on social media alone.
* Michelle Phan has an audience of over 11.9 M just on social media alone.
* 77% of internet users read blogs
* 23% of internet time is spent on blogs
* 61% of consumers make a purchase based on a blog post
* 70% of consumers online learn about companies thru articles like blog posts, not ads.

These statistics are why bloggers have become so important for many businesses, especially those that are in the online, fashion and beauty spaces. One of our clients experienced a 1035% sales increase after we executed a blogger campaign that our team designed. Not only did their sales go up, but their site traffic, email opt-ins and social media fan count also followed. What does this mean? It means that partnering with the right bloggers doesn’t just result in one-time revenue growth. With the right strategy, you can keep fueling more sales by continuing to engage your new audience and inspire them to spread your message to their social circle. This leads to a steady stream of loyal and new customers.

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