What to know and do before working with influencers
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What To Know Before Working With Influencers

**This was written in collaboration with 365Hangers CEO and #FABDILab 2015 speaker, Ferial Moloo. **


Influencer marketing has become a popular way for brands to reach consumers. That’s why you see companies big and small levering relationships with bloggers and vloggers. Take a look at Aeropostale creating a collection with Youtube star Bethany Mota, Swedish fashion blogger, Elin Kling, collaborating with H&M, and Youtube personality Michelle Phan launching products with L’Oreal. Brands leverage the influence of these online celebrities to get in front of consumers and sell product. However, partnering with bloggers and vloggers isn’t always a guaranteed success story. There are many times when brands don’t see a return on their investment due to poor planning and research. To prevent that from happening to you, here’s what you need to know and do before working with influencers.



This will allow you to create the right campaign or project for the blogger to execute. Is your goal to lead traffic to your site? Is it to sell your collection? Knowing why you need to work with an influencer will heighten the chances of a successful collaboration.

Does the blogger or vlogger’s audience match your target market.

Why is this important? Because the goal is to make their fans into your paying customers. To know this, you’ve got to take a look at the influencer’s market demographic. Are their fans mostly male or female? What is their average age? Are they discount or high-end shoppers? These are just some of the details you need to consider.

Does the influencer post content on their vlogging or blogging platform regularly.

If their content production is inconsistent, that means their traffic is most likely inconsistent too. Therefore, there won’t be as many people to see the collaborative blog post or video that you, as the brand owner, worked so hard to conceptualize and pay for.

Spend some time on the influencers’ social platforms, to observe the kind engagement they have.

Is their feed aesthetically aligned with your brand? Do they actually interact with their followers? Do their followers interact with them? These are all very important points to consider, especially if the kind of campaign you want to do influencer involves social media activity.


Yes, there are influencers out their who will do collaborations for product. But the more elaborate of a campaign you want to do and the more popular the blogger or vlogger you want to work with,  Don’t expect that product gifting and no monetary compensation can get you the desired outcomes.

Be prepared to ship!

If the goal of your collaboration with an influencer is to sell product(s), then you’ve got to ensure that you have inventory to ship and the procedure to get it out to the customer.

Know how you’ll be tracking the effectiveness of the collaboration.

It’s very important to look back at any campaign and know whether it was a success or failure. The only way to do that is by tracking key metrics. For example, if the goal of the collaboration was to promote the newest collection, then the metrics to consider are the amount of merchandise you sold and the number of visitors who looked at the collection on your website. Knowing the results will also indicate whether or not you should continue to work with the influencer for future projects. Obviously, if the campaign was a success, it’s not a bad a idea to keep maintaining that relationship.

Now that you know what’s needed to work with influencers, the next thing is to be able to convince them to want to work with you. Ferial will be speaking on that topic at The Digital Influencer Lab, or #FABDILab for short, on October 24th. Make sure to register before October 1st as ticket prices will go up! Remember to use code FABFRIENDS10 to receive 10% off. See you then!


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